We focus on improving the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare services, reducing health disparities, and helping New Yorkers navigate the healthcare system.
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Health and Wealth: Income Disparities in the Health of New Yorkers Office of the NYC Comptroller Quantified the expanding gap in illness rates between wealthy and lower-income New Yorkers, including in diabetes, cancer and heart disease.
The Consumer Guide to New York City Hospitals Office of the NYC Public Advocate Ranked New York City's hospitals on key indicators such as percentage of attending and staff doctors who are Board-certified, patient complaint rates, nurse-to-patient ratios and mortality rates.
How Hospitals Violate the "Bell" Regulations on Resident Working Conditions Office of the NYC Public Advocate Investigative report documented patient harm that resulted because New York State was not enforcing State regulations that limit resident maximum weekly working hours and require residents to be closely supervised.

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