Government administration & Tax Policy

We evaluate government programs and services and develop recommendations to improve their effectiveness and fairness. We have special expertise in social services, healthcare, mass transit and tax policy.
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Follow the Money Office of the New York City Public Advocate Showed showed how the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey had for two decades systematically favored New Jersey over New York in capital spending and mass transit subsidies.
The No Child Penalty Center for an Urban Future Documented that hundreds of thousands of childless low-income New Yorkers are effectively being denied the Earned Income Tax Credit.
Seniors on Hold - Waiting for SCRIE Office of the New York City Public Advocate Investigative report on deficiencies in the administration of the New York City's Senior Rent Increase Exemption program that prevented thousands of seniors from avoiding rent hikes.

what we can do

  • Legal and regulatory actions
  • Research and analysis
  • Public hearing testimony
  • Advocacy


Who we have worked for

  • Center for an Urban Future
  • Office of the New York City Public Advocate
  • Office of the Brooklyn Borough President
  • NY State Sen. Franz Leichter (Manhattan)
  • New Democracy Project