Economic & Workforce Development

We identify challenges to New York's growth and advance public policies promoting economic expansion, diversification and increased employment opportunities.
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Unleashing the Economic Power of the 35 Percent JobsFirstNYC JobsfirstNYC research and advocacy report found that 305,000 young adults in New York City with limited education are either not working, or work at low-wage jobs. The report presents policy recommendations to help them achieve financial independence.
The National Work Readiness Credential: Who Pays the Price? JOBSFIRSTNYC Research and advocacy report disclosing that thousands of young adults in New York are compelled to compete for a work readiness credential each year that is unrecognized by employers and is racially discriminatory.
New York in the World Center for an Urban Future/ SUNY Levin Institute New York both gained more and suffered more from the impacts of globalization than any other state.

what we can do

  • Best practices research
  • Legislative analysis
  • Program development
  • Advocacy

Who we have worked for

  • Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce
  • Center for an Urban Future
  • Downtown Brooklyn Partnership
  • JobsFirstNYC
  • NYC Employment & Training Coalition
  • Office of the NYC Public Advocate
  • Office of the NYC Comptroller
  • Pratt Center for Community Development
  • SUNY Levin Institute