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Our in-depth public policy research and analysis is the basis for compelling reports, public hearing testimony, issue briefs, talking points, op-ed articles, web content and Twitter feed.
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The No Child Penalty Center for an Urban Future Documented that hundreds of thousands of childless low-income New Yorkers are effectively being denied the Earned Income Tax Credit.
The National Work Readiness Credential: Who Pays the Price? JobsFirstNYC Research and advocacy report demonstrated that State policies mandating preparation for a work readiness credential fail to help young adults become employed.
New York in the World: The Impact of the Global Economy on New York City and New York State Center for an Urban Future and SUNY Levin Institute The first comprehensive investigation of the impact of globalization on New York City and State found that no state benefited more or suffered worse from globalization than New York.

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  • Legislative & budgetary analysis
  • Data analysis
  • Qualitative research
  • Public policy reports


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