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Glenn von Nostitz has an uncanny ability to identify emerging public policy issues and a well-deserved reputation for unimpeachable research. He puts it all together in a way that grabs public attention and spurs solutions. MARK GREEN Former Commissioner, NYC Department of Consumer Affairs and Public Advocate for the City of New York
"I have known Margaret for many years. I was impressed by her sound judgment on a wide variety of issues, as well as with the consistent high quality of her work. In every capacity in which she served, Margaret demonstrated wisdom, fortitude, dedication, and enthusiasm."

HON. DAVID N. DINKINS Former Mayor of the City of New York
"Margaret's work highlighted our strengths and weakness communicating our work, our vision, and our strategy. Through her thorough research, thoughtful questions, and extensive experience with other non-profits, Margaret's feedback helped us think through organizational priorities methodically and completely. . HANNAH BURNETT, Development and Advocacy Coordinator, Tiyatien Health
One would have to look far and wide to find as consummate a professional as Margaret Stix. As far as youth policy issues go in New York City, she is top of the bar. Over the decade I have come to know her, I have learned that she is a person of the highest integrity and principles, a fierce advocate for her belief in a better New York, and she brings a terrific blend of analytical, research, and writing skills that have made her an indispensable resource for JobsFirstNYC." Lou Miceli Executive Director, JobsFirstNYC
"Glenn von Nostitz's relentless investigations exposed cover-ups of agency malfeasance, hazardous and life-threatening conditions and millions and millions in wasteful spending. No one can dig into an agency's operations like Glenn." Franz Leichter Former State Senator
"As my Deputy Public Advocate for Research & Investigations, Glenn wrote dozens of investigative reports on issues of importance to all New York consumers, from how energy suppliers spiked summertime electric rates to excessive profits being made by New York's auto insurers." Mark Green NYC Public Advocate, 1994-2001
"Margaret Stix raised questions that we hadn't yet asked ourselves and encouraged us to be more intentional in thinking big, while building out the systems that ensure our day-to-day work is high quality" Hannah Burnett, Development & Advocacy Coordinator, Tiyatien Health
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